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Women are known to be good at reading signs. Yet, how is it that they are totally obvious to cheating mates? Don’t be fooled anymore. Read the 10 signs that say he is cheating on you:

• He comes back home at 3 a.m. every night (morning?) and says it’s because his computer crashed. Every time.

• He doesn’t tell you where his money is going; but there’s never anything left. Worse is still is when you don’t even know his salary break up!

• He talks most about that particular babe at work; and she is ALWAYS a b***h. To mislead you!
• He wants to avoid going for a party till the time you are going. Once you decline, the suddenly remembers an old obligation and has to go. Without you.

• He refuses to take you for official functions due to ‘new management rules’. The new female colleague in office, however, has to accompany him everywhere. Even unofficial movie shows.

• His mother rearranges your drawing room, bedroom and underwear basket as well – you hate it while he… asks you to take notes!

• He thinks that whatever you do for him because he ‘allows’ it or because everything is ‘his will’.

• He eyes women passing-by, looks at you and says, “So what if you have a jelly belly? I like my li’l piglet!” And says it in public.

• He insists you get inspired by, err, visual stimulants while doing ‘it’, then stops midway to discuss how his favourite Rebecca Lord should have been A-grade Hollywood actress.

• He suggests you to go a shrink when you say points 1-9 are the reasons the two of you aren’t working out. If he calls your reasons ‘trivial’, bid him goodbye now.

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